Bat’s night

Bat’s night

Bat’s night

Despite the fact that still today, talking about bats is talking about beings surrounded by mystery and over which a kind of malignant or unhealthy aura hovers, the truth is that these small flying mammals play a key role in the biological balance of te habitats where they live, since they consume a huge amount of flying insects. 

In Catalonia, around thirty species have been cited and a third of them can be found in the Delta. 

With the help of the experts from the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers and Wildlife Acoustics, in this festival edition , you will be able to learn more about bats. 

The activity consists of an introductory talk that will serve to know about their biology, their habits and which are the species that we can observe. Later, we will go out into the field to try to detect as many bats as possible, through the use of ultrasound recording technologies and, finally, we will visit some shelters where they hide. If you are interested in bats or simply want to know them better, do not miss this opportunity.



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