Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

Both the Oryx store, the Fundació Catalunya la Pedrera and the Institut Català d’Ornitologia are institutions that ensure in our day-to-day lives to preserve the environment and its values.

As Delta Birding Festival organizers, we maintain the commitment and responsibility to promote a festival that is respectful and aware of the environment and the surroundings.

Edition after edition we have been improving the measures by replacing plastic glasses with reusable glasses, arranging water fountains throughout the festival with canteens for a better management of resources, reducing the use of plastics...

Together, a series of actions that make it possible to significantly reduce the possible impact that the festival may have on the environment.

In addition, the festival is very aware that it takes place in a natural environment and therefore takes care at all times to preserve the prestigious natural environment that surrounds us. For this reason, all the excursions to natural areas are guided and made up of small groups following strict regulations to preserve the local wildlife and flora.

An official festival parking lot is also suitable in order to prevent vehicles from occupying places that do not belong to them, as well as promoting the use of public transport and/or non-polluting vehicles.

Environmental Commitment


The environmental commitment of the Delta Birding Festival does not end there: we will continue to work to ensure a sustainable future for the next editions. There is still a long way to go but together, we will make it possible for it to be a green path.

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Whay can you do?

The public also has an important role in reducing the environmental impact that the festival can generate. That's why all of us together can minimize the impact on the environment and experience a more sustainable festival with these good practices that can be followed without effort.

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