In this section we will try to answer all those questions that we believe may arise during the prior organization of visiting the Delta Birding Festival. If you have any questions that we have not been able to answer with the following set of questions, send us an e-mail to info@deltabirdingfestival.com to tell us your concerns. We will be happy to try to solve them!!


How do I get to MónNatura Delta del Ebre?

MónNatura Delta is a nature center located in the south of Catalonia, just two hours from Barcelona and one hour from Tarragona. Specifically, it is located in the Montsià region, in the lower part of the Ebro delta tongue, in a landscape of rice fields and lagoons that is very characteristic of the area. To get there you can follow the directions on Google Maps by inserting the following address in the search:

Carretera del Poblenou a les Salines, s/n
Polígon 8, Parcel·la 7
43870 Amposta

Where can I park?

You can check all the information about transportation and its schedules on the how to get there page

Are there any places for lunch or dinner?

The fair will have a series of food trucks with fast food service, but will also have cafeteria and bar service. All these services will close when the trade fair hours end (approximately Friday and Saturday at 8:30pm, and Sunday at 3pm), so on the following restaurant page you can find information about possible restaurants open in the area.

Where can I lodge?

If you want to stay overnight in the area, you can check the accommodations by location on the restaurant page. And if you go with time, with few demands and preferences and want to get a discount, below we leave you a page with the hostels, rural houses, hotels and hostels that this year offer a special price to festival visitors who wish to stay at sleep.


What days is the event held?

The Delta Birding Festival will be held this September on Friday the 20th from 4 to 8:30 p.m., Saturday the 21st from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Sunday the 22nd from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where can I find activity schedules?

You will find detailed information on the schedules of the activities organized by day on the next page. If you prefer to consult activities according to modality (that is, if they are guided walks, workshops, etc.) we recommend you go to the following link.

When the festival dates approach, you will be able to quickly consult the agenda through a downloadable PDF.


Where can I find the list of exhibitors?

If you are interested in checking out the stands at this year's trade fair, just click on this link, where we keep on adding the exhibitors who contact us daily.

How can I book a stand?

You just have to visit this page, enter the Area that interests you according to your brand or entity (Art, Ecotourism or Photography/Optics) and fill out the registration form, where you can also hire additional furniture if you need it. Remember that until July 15 you have special reservation prices, so if you want to enjoy the offer, don't be late!

If I cannot come due to scheduling incompatibilities, can I be present in some way?

Of course! Make sure Delta Birding Festival visitors learn more about your brand by advertising in our program, on our website, using banners, or even sponsoring festival activities. You can find more information about ways to advertise at the following link.


How can I promote my brand?

If you want to be a sponsor of the festival, you can do so by sponsoring activities, tents or workshops at the festival, advertising on the website or using banners physically at the same event. Click the following link where you will find all the necessary information.


Where do I find the contest rules?

You will find them posted in the following link. We recommend reading them carefully to avoid making mistakes when registering your photographs.

How can I enter my photos?

We have recently opened a platform where you can register and submit photographs following the instructions and rules of the contest.


Will there be a vegan option to eat at the fair?

Yes, one of the food trucks at the trade show will be exclusively dedicated to having vegan dishes.

Can I go to the DBF with my dog?

At the exhibitors' fair and at the MónNatura Delta del Ebre facilities, yes, as long as he is leashed and muzzled, he is not left alone at any time and do not enter with him into the tents that have a platform. As for the activities, the company of pets is not allowed, since many are guided outings and they can be compromised by bringing domestic animals, causing a possible escape of the wild fauna that we will try to observe.

Is there free Wifi?

Yes, MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre personnel will be able to inform you about how it works at your entrance to de Festival

Can I make a contribution to conservation projects?

With the purchase of your ticket you already contribute to the conservation project of each edition in which the profits of the festival are allocated. If you want to go further, you can always contact the organization entities to offer your participation or help.

Are there special facilities for people with reduced mobility?

The trade fair, conferences, workshops and exhibitions, as well as the MónNatura Delta del Ebre facilities are accessible to people with reduced mobility; as for activities, not all of them may be suitable. We recommend contacting info@deltabirdingfestival.com to find out what facilities you can find in the activity you are interested in and which are not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Is the water in the bathrooms drinkable?

No, that is why we recommend bringing a canteen from home or buying the Delta Birding Festival 2024 bottle that you can refill for free at the fresh water sources that you will find distributed throughout MónNatura Delta del Ebre.

Can I share my project at the exhibitor fair or bring brochures to distribute to the public if I do not have a stand?

Yes, whenever the exhibitors and/or attendees wish it.

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