The cursa Ornitho Swarovski Optik is back

The cursa Ornitho Swarovski Optik is back

The cursa Ornitho Swarovski Optik is back

In the same way as in previous editions, but with a somewhat shorter period to enter data, the Cursa Ornitho-Swarovski is back. To participate and have the chance to win a pair of binoculars Swarovski OptikEL 10X42 valued at more than € 2000 and donated by Esteller, you only need to send complete lists to between July 25 and September 25, 2021. To be considered valid for the Cursa, these lists must have at least 30 minutes long, they must have been made in Catalonia or Andorra, and they must have been entered in (directly on the web or through the Naturalist application).

From among all the participants, the final winner will be chosen in a raffle hold on September 26, 2021 during the Delta Birding Festival. Each observer will have as many chances to win as there are days on which they have made lists. That is, if an observer has entered complete lists of twenty days, he has twice the chance of winning than if he has entered ten days.

This year, it is not essential to register for the festival in order to participate, so we encourage you to enter as many lists as you can. Who knows? Maybe luck smiles on you, and you take home some fantastic Swarovski binoculars!




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