An essential support: volunteers

An essential support: volunteers

An essential support: volunteers

The Delta Birding Festival brings together more than 2000 fans of ornithology and naturalism every year in a unique festival in Catalonia. This festival is possible thanks to the efforts and selfless work of many people: the speakers, the excursion guides, the organizers of activities … but above all thanks to the volunteers.

During the three days that the event lasts, a multitude of activities are organized that require the support of someone related to the festival. This is where the volunteers who accompany and help the attendees come into action and give all their support to the organizers. They are a key piece, since without them, many activities could not be carried out.

That is why all the volunteers who have participated in the festival year after year have become a key part of its success. This year, despite being a somewhat smaller DBF due to the pandemic, we also hope to have the support of volunteers to help us make a new DBF a success.

Do you want to help us? Check how, here.



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