Oceanic birds in the Estaca de Bares (conference in spanish)

Oceanic birds in the Estaca de Bares (conference in spanish)

Oceanic birds in the Estaca de Bares (conference in spanish)

The Estaca de Bares cape, in the extreme north of Galicia, is one of the best Europe’s vantage points  to study and watch the passage of oceanic birds. Hundreds of thousands of specimens of dozens of species turn this Iberian corner every autumn to move and migrate. From the Estaca de Bares ornithological station, they have recorded that it passes more than 275,000 birds each year, especially birds from the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Arctic on their journey to warmer places. Therefore, the Estaca de Bares cape is a true treasure for ornithological observation and was declared a Natural Site of National Interest in 1933.

Antonio Sandoval, who has been studying this phenomenon for several decades together with his colleagues, will share with us the phenology, routes and number of the most representative species, such as the Atlantic gannet and the common scoter.

Sandoval is a writer, ornithologist and collaborator in different media such as the “Salvaje” or “National Geographic Viajes” magazines. He is also a nationally known author for book titles like ¿Para qué sirven las aves, BirdFlyway: un viaje en familia por “La Ruta de las Aves”, De pajareo, rutas ornitológicas por España, among others.




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