The creations of new pilgrimage site

The creations of new pilgrimage site

The creations of new pilgrimage site

It is well known that the formation of a river delta depends on the sediments that the river to which it belongs drags along its entire length. In the case of la Tordera, despite the fact that it does not have any reservoir to retain these sediments, there is an intense activity of extracting aggregates, for example, which slows down their arrival at the mouth.

In 2020, the ravages caused by the Gloria storm in other places served, in this case, to shape a delta that had been damaged for many years. Subsequently, the lack of human frequentation derived from the successive lockdowns to which we all were forced, made this remodelled delta explode with animal life, especially birds.

In this conference, Elena Farré and Enric Badosa will explain to us what has happened since then and how a natural catastrophe (albeit of low intensity) led to the protection of a natural space, the creation of an environmental group that watches over its integrity and, in short, how we Catalan ornithologists won a new place of pilgrimage.




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